Hi, I'm Joyce!


At the golden age of 15 I moved from the small tropical island called Taiwan to the land of tacos and tequila. There I learned to speak toddler level Spanish and fell in love with tacos. But I couldn't understand most of the things teachers taught in class, so I drew in my notebooks and dreamt about adventures in a magical land with my pet dragon. When I had no more notebooks to draw with, I moved the kingdom of Los Angeles, where i became an apprentice of the almighty Orange Dot. I trained night and day in the black fortress on the hill... But my soul slowly withered away. 

Finally one day, my masters bestowed upon me an ancient glittering map, and sent me and my army of cats on a quest. A quest to use my newly acquired skills to bring joy and wonder into the world, and to find beauty in the ordinary. Now at times I can be spotted at random locations admiring red edges on shadows on a sunny day, dreaming up new stories to tell.


Please feel free to say hi!